Zine-A-Month 2021

After mark-making for the daily journal in February (which involved a lot of art material abuse and ended with me hole-punching out whatever part of the resulting smudges and scribbles I liked best), I was left with a lot of holey paper. But the holey bits were just as neat looking as the hole-punched bits that made it into the journal, so they got put aside for future projects or collaging. Or for making a little book…

(This zine still uses just one sheet of printer paper but with three cuts and some accordion folding.)

👆 The finished “master copy” ready to make photocopies from

Examples of the holey papers that made it into the zine next to their punched-out counterparts in the daily journal 👇

In the end, I decided to punch out all the blank circles in the finished photocopies so that I was left with a zine full of holes. And I lined up the word “YAY” on the very last page so that you’d be able to see it through the holes from start to finish.