Paper & Mixed Media

Below are a few collage favorites from the past few years using materials ranging from tags, vintage photos, book pages and binding cloth, small bits of thread and stitching, and lots of paper snippets. I enjoy using older and recycled materials alongside newer magazine clippings. Details, backgrounds, and other mark-making additions are often made with watercolor, gesso, and wax pencil.

Circles, trash scraps, houses / the idea of home, and small whimsical or absurd details are a few themes and patterns that frequently find their way into my collages and other art projects. Ghosts are also a huge repeated theme for me, but I’ve made so many of those that they get their own page.

(More envelope work here)

(Two favorites from daily art journal collaging in March 2021 – find the rest here)

There is a great deal more collage spread throughout the site – most can be found scattered in blog posts or under the journal tab (where I’ve collected all of the self-appointed creative assignments I’ve done to get back into the practice of making after years of focusing on photography jobs). A lot of what I try is meant to be play or practice, but narrowing in on themes and learning what I gravitate toward have been important steps.