100 Days of Blurry Self-Portraits

After tripping over my theme idea and failing to make a real start on another year of daily art journaling, I compromised by choosing a simpler project that spanned a shorter amount of time – by doing The 100 Day Project from April 7 – July 15.

This project marked my first real attempt to “put myself out there”. I started this site without an audience in mind – I just wanted to give my creative projects a place to live. Which I suppose means that I’ve been talking very formally… to myself. I’ve been scared to share more publicly. Participating in The 100 Day Project for 2020 (which meant posting each day on Instagram) was my way of looking myself square in the face and accepting that I (and my projects and website and writing) might seem silly – and sharing anyway. I thought choosing to take self-portraits for my 100 days seemed appropriate. But they’re severely blurred. Baby steps.

Here’s what happened each day: Step #1 since this was an Instagram project, all photos were taken with my phone – selfie-style Step #2 I used an app called Pixlr to get the exaggerated blur Step #3 the photo was opened in Instagram, squared up, a slight filter was added, and it was posted. Done.

Check out each month (April, May, June, July) separately, or see an overview of all the project photos en masse below šŸ‘‡ (I took several photos on Day 99 – that’ll be why the math doesn’t work out.)