100 Days of Blurry Self-Portraits: April 7 to July 15

More info on the The 100 Day Project here. More about my take on the project here. Find the portraits on Instagram @wowyayok.

Things I learned in July: 1) Some of my favorite photos from this month and project have come from me asking for my husband’s thoughts. 2) Smoke bombs smell like rotten eggs and piss off your neighbors. 3) If you blur your photo enough, a cream scarf will pass for Luna Lovegood’s hair surprisingly well.

Week 13 / July 1 – 6

Happy birthday to me, a smoke bomb, and a flashlight at night:

Week 14 / July 7 – 13

Color layers, a magnified eye, and curling ribbon attached to a fan:

July 14 / Day 99 of 100

With one more day to go, I decided to play dress-up and take five photos instead of just one. I am 1) Chunk from The Goonies 2) Princess Leia 3) Jane Lane from Daria 4) Luna Lovegood and 5) Andy Warhol:

July 15 / Day 100 of 100

šŸŽˆ Done and done!

šŸ”  June