100 Days of Blurry Self-Portraits: April 7 to July 15

More info on the The 100 Day Project here. More about my take on the project here. Find the portraits on Instagram @wowyayok.

Things I learned in April: 1) Taking portraits selfie-style is very limiting. My list of photo ideas for this project had to be edited. 2) I often like the photos that use the opportunities I stumble upon better than the photos I get from using said list.

Week 1 / Apr 7 – 13

Sparkler, spotlight, and talking to the hand:

Week 2 / Apr 14 – 20

Banana smile, staring contest, and morning shadows:

Week 3 / Apr 21 – 27

Filters, philodendrons, and a photo-bombing dog:

Week 4 / Apr 28 – April 30

Peeking through leaves, lace curtains, and foofy hair:

MayĀ šŸ”¢