Stamped Stamps

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The initial idea for August was to use my growing collection of hand-carved stamps to create small vignettes each day. But after checking out Rubber Stamping by Stephen Fowler from the library and reading a page or two about “artistamps“, I decided to add to my original idea a little bit. August became stamping vignettes… on stamps. Stamp stamping. Heh.

Blank sheets of perforated and gummed stamps exist, but after a quick look around Etsy, I found a cool shop that sold the blank end/edge pieces off of vintage stamp sheets. This meant that not all of the stamp sides had the traditional perforated edge, but I liked that some of them were odd sizes and colors or had lot numbers printed on them. I decided to start there.

I am so close to getting the final stamps finished and uploaded. Here’s a peek at the in-process mess until then:

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