Quote Puzzles

I love acrostic puzzles so much that I’ve been learning to make my own. It resembles a crossword if you don’t look too closely, but instead of a grid of random overlapping words, the clue answers end up forming a quote. Also, the first letters of the answers (strung together from top to bottom šŸ‘‡) spell out the author’s name and the book’s title. I’ve been picking out fun or interesting quotes from books I’ve read – it seemed like a good place to start. I hope you enjoy trying them out!

(Since the puzzles don’t print very nicely, each puzzle is embedded so you can play them here and now. You can start with this one.)

I’m still figuring out the best length of the quotes I choose, the right amount of clue answers to shoot for, and the best way to word my clues, but I’m having a lot of fun trying my hand at creating them. If anyone else is curious about the acrostic-making process, I started here.