Test Markings & Scribbles

Read more about the book-making plan for 2022 and 2023 here.

I can’t seem to throw away the papers I keep my work table lined with – it’s where I test pens and pencils, check colors, wipe off extra paint, and try out stamps. The overlapping scribbles and marks are random, colorful, and often pretty nifty looking. I thought a book would be a nice way to organize and show off these interesting scraps.

I’m leaning towards (yet another) accordion book, but with extra signatures pamphlet-stitched into the valley folds (see an example in step one of this Instructables how-to). Some of the test markings are on heavier white paper – I’m thinking of featuring pieces of these on the main accordion pages. With maybe the thinner kraft paper scraps as the extra signatures?