Read more about the 2021 daily art journal and each month’s theme here.

February’s theme was meant to encourage me to play around with different mediums and art supplies. I started by marking up a small piece of paper with scribbles, blobs, abstract doodles, patterns, etc., and then used a 1.5 inch circle punch on my favorite bit to add to the journal. And if the holey paper left behind was interesting, I kept that too.

(The holey parts did indeed find their way into a zine booklet… check it out here.)

On the 4th, I recreated an assignment from a past art class that involved drawing to music – line-making meant to reflect what you hear. I filled a small sheet while listening to the last movement of Summer from Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. Oooh, it was fun.

I used a dried sea holly bloom as a paintbrush on Feb. 8 and taped together toothpicks to draw with blue food coloring on the 10th. I thought it was time to experiment with alternative art supplies.

It was interesting to experiment with using the flat edge of a scrap of cardboard to smear and swipe blue paint around on the 18th. The 20th is the result of dipping and dragging a piece of embroidery thread in house paint. Hot pink – whoop!

More alternative art supplies for the 26th: smooshes of red acrylic using a tinsel bow. Flicked paint for sprays of green dots on the 27th.

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