A Year of Ground-Scrap Collecting

Finding Beauty In What’s Left Behind

In 2018, I gave myself a year’s worth of daily assignments with the aim of filling a journal. The assignment theme changed every month and by the end of the year, I was very surprised by which months ended up being my favorites (ghost collages in October) and which were more frustrating than I expected (daily photos in July). For January 2018, my daily assignment was to collect a piece of trash or something eye-catching off the ground – as long as it was small and flat enough to be taped to the journal pages. That month ended up being one of my favorites.

SO. At the start of 2019, I decided that the daily assignment theme wasn’t going to change every month. In 2019, I would be doing January 2018’s theme of collecting scraps of trash all year long. The journal pages are sectioned off so that there are four days/items per spread. I scanned my collection one spread at a time.

Check out each month separately or see what a whole year looks like below. šŸ‘‡