House & Home Collage Book

Read more about the book-making plan for 2022 and 2023 here.

In Process:

This accordion book (which has since been cut into the archetypal house shape with a squared bottom and triangle roof), started as two pieces of newspaper glued together and then coated on both sides with gesso. I’m more and more attracted to using recycled material and leaving things a little raw or imperfect around the edges. And happily, there’s plenty of gessoed newspaper left over for future projects.

Only one side of the book has even been started and nothing has been glued down (which is why all the little paper pieces look crooked and wonky) – I’m still arranging, adding, and tossing things aside. But so far, this is what’s stuck:

Who knows how it will change from here, but I do know that I’m enjoying making an unholy mess while I work with this little guy.