100 Days of Blurry Self-Portraits: April 7 to July 15

More info on the The 100 Day Project here. More about my take on the project here. Find the portraits on Instagram @wowyayok.

Things I learned in June: 1) I have fun playing with projected and reflected light. 2) Waiting until the last minute to take my photo leads to wrapping yellow crepe paper around my head.

Week 8 / June 1

Swinging in a hammock chair on the first day of June and last day of the week:

Week 9 / June 2 – 8

Balloon reflection, gel filters, and a projected rainbow:

Week 10 / June 9 – 15

Streamers, yellow mesh, and pom-poms:

I played around with a neopixel ring (a rainbow of lights chasing each other around in a circle) for the photo of my shoulder from June 10 ๐Ÿ‘†. I wish my portrait showed how cool the effect really is.

Week 11 / June 16 – 22

Neck ruff, rainbow dot stickers, and a disco ball:

Week 12 / June 23 – 29

Wooden hand, yellow crepe paper, and shadow me:

Week 13 / June 30

Propped on an elbow at the start of the week and the last day of June:

๐Ÿก  May // July ๐Ÿกข