100 Blurry Self-Portraits & October Ghosts

Like 2018 and 2019, I assumed Iā€™d be doing another year of daily assignments for 2020. But after a lot of false starts (my project idea was way too complicated), I had to rearrange my expectations for the year. Instead, I chose a simpler idea and signed myself up to participate in a more public project that spanned a shorter amount of time ā€“ #The100DayProject from April 7 ā€“ July 15:

See the rest of the project here.

I made it through my 100 days taking a blurry self-portrait each day and posting it to Instagram. But after the 100 days were up, I started to want another daily assignment to look forward to. So in October, I decided to repeat a theme from my 2018 art journal and make one ghost for each day of the month:

See all the ghosts here.

I didn’t end up with my usual full journal of 365 completed assignments, but I’m still proud of what I ended up with. Besides. 2020 wasn’t anywhere close to being a normal year anyway.