The Holidays

Patching, Mending, & Christmas Sewing

āœ‚ After finishing up October’s daily ghosts last year, I proceeded to drop off the bleary holiday map. To catch up: most of November and December 2020 was spent with a needle and thread in hand. For a few reasons:

1. There hasn’t been a lot of clothes buying since the pandemic started squeezing all the normal out of life. Since a lot of my closet space belongs to pre-owned clothes anyway (I try to buy second-hand whenever possible), the pile of items with holes and worn areas needing some TLC has been bigger than usual.

2. I picked up a happy, colorful handmade quilt for $2 at a church yard sale years and years ago – it’s been steadily pulling itself apart ever since. It’s now in pretty bad shape, but the idea of tossing it seems on par with burning a book. I’m excited to go the make-do-and-mend route instead, even if it can feel daunting, and it’s hard to pick out the progress some days.

3. Ann Wood Handmade very kindly shares her sewing pattern for “woebegone pines” on her website. (I love everything about her work!) I thought the little trees would be sweet additions to Christmas care-packages. There ended up being 11 trees in total – below are the three I kept for us.

Imperfection is obviously the name of my game, but I’m happy if what I end up with is fun, neat looking, or makes something useable again.

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