Coloring Book Zine

2021 Booklet #1

I’ve always loved books and been in awe of book art, so my attraction to zines (once I was introduced) wasn’t surprising. I have a nice collection of my own now and have even tried making a few in the past, but I’ve really been wanting to buckle down and follow through with more of the zine ideas that are just sitting around on lists…

I started easy. The first idea waiting on my to-make list was a mini coloring book. A single sheet of printer paper, a few folds, and one cut gave me eight pages to work with:

All of the “drawings” were done with the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator, although they were originally created for a very different project – a laser-cut puzzle design that I’ve been playing around with for months. At some point, I’ll be trying to do something with that too?

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