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Cloth Book Update

Book-making is my art assignment goal for 2022. Read more about the cloth book here and about the overall plan here. Or you can find it all under the art assignments tab.

After finally deciding on the fabric, embellishments, and thread for the cloth book (see here), the next step was to start stitching on the pages. I planned on following in Ann Wood’s footsteps (it’s her amazing book tutorial I’m using for this project) by allowing the pages to come together organically – adding fabric pieces and embellishments as I went one page at a time. But it didn’t work out that way. I sat down to start page #1 and got so excited about playing with the scraps that I just kept going. Suddenly, after two sessions of enthusiastic tinkering, I had starting-point designs pinned down for all 20 pages.

I’m sure things will get changed and rearranged and how everything gets stitched on will still be figured out page by page. Nothing’s set in stone. I guess I could have been more worried about not leaving enough room for spontaneity by starting on page designs ahead of time, but I was having too much stinkin’ fun to care.

The book continues here.

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