Watercolor Tags

Using Up Paint

This side project started after I found my old butcher tray palette from college (with 15-year-old dried watercolor blobs still in residence) and wondered if I should finally clean it out to use elsewhere. But just rinsing all that art class history down the drain felt wasteful and a little wrong. So I went in search of blank surfaces.

Happily, I recently found a large stack of yellowed tags in my dad’s basement. There was something exciting about swabbing and swirling the tags around on the rewet paint and then flipping over the tag to see what it picked up.

I’m not sure how the tags will be used yet (little book?), but I love every single one of them. I also don’t think I’ll clean out the tray after all. The paint that’s been slowly mixing together willy-nilly is quite beautiful on its own. And I can see more tags in my future.

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